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What’s Trending in Colombia Law & Business — Actual Google Searches Revealed

March 15, 2011

 What are people actually interested in learning about relating to Colombia law and business?

 This site receives most of its visitors through Google searches. WordPress, which hosts this site, reports the actual search terms.  I thought readers might find it interesting to see the searches, to reveal what is trending and what people are looking to learn about when they find articles on this site. 

 Below are the searches that resulted in more than one page view in the last 30 days, in descending order of the number of page views.


clinton list colombia

colombian laws

ernesto cavelier

dario duran, director, altra investments

odebrecht kolumbien ruta de sol

francisco mira + “venture capital”

hunter carter colombia law and business journal

chiquita fcpa 201 0

chiquita banana fcpa

chiquita fcpa

santos anti-corruption bill colombia

chiquita in colombia fcpa

ashmore colombia

altra partners columbia

association of attorneys in latin america

google finance petrotesting

chiquita banadex

ospinas + hig

case study (on good governance); cemento argos

english translation of colombian mining law

henao montes v. chiquita brands

angela camacho microsoft

colombia mining code


private equity colombia

rodriguez y cavelier

mining concession and bogota

private equity funds taxation colombia

ruta del sol colombia

the clinton list colombia

grupo poma cartagena colombia

chiquita brands international part iii-c

colombia – government stability?

synergy aerospace corporation and synergy group located in panama

pablo felipe serna

tax deduction 30% 2011 colombia

laefm private equity colombia

ernesto villamizar lawyer

colombian business

legal stability

pablo escobar dead

chiquita brands part iii

2011 bank debit taxes colombia

colombia net worth tax

angela maría camacho microsoft

medellin fashion week

government challenges in doing business in colombia

“power grid” + “girardota”

farc uraba combate

private equity law brazil

chiquita fcpa case

colombia commercial dispute resolution

chiquita brands part iii c bananas money guns and drugs

colombian arbitral awards

henao montes v. chiquita brand

chiquita coca-cola columbia

chiquita brand international corruption

minority shareholders in colombia

colombia law biz

chiquita brands civil cases

environmental law in colombia

legal bar firm colombia 2011

fernando garcia rossell brookfield colombia

colombian law business

columbia brazil investor protection

colombian private equity association

chiquita problem with auc

auc, facilitating terrorism.

carribean highway

chiquita brands international fraud

que es chiquita brands part iii c bananas money guns and drugs

tribeca colombia assets under management

legal contracts in colombia

colombia transfer price guidelines

metro hotels colombia

colombian arbitration

infrastructure private equity

ruta colombia

petrotesting carbon ltda

specific case involving fcpa

legal stability contracts colombia

inverlink colombia

what should chiquita do

clinton list colombian companies

juan manuel prieto

“andres otero” kroll

antitrust reform 2011

how did chiquita become a big industry for bananas

what private equity firms are in colombia

biggest fraud in chiquita brands international



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