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The Topics This Blog Covers

March 29, 2009

This post will explain the topics this blog will focus on. I will try to separate posts, links, and material according to certain sections corresponding to the major topics I will be covering. Here are the sections I will be developing:


News and Views

I will periodically highlight items of general interest on law and business in Colombia.


Economy, Finance, Trade and Development

This section will draw attention to matters of interest to foreign investors and visitors about Colombia’s economic, finance, trade, diplomatic, and political developments, like the Free Trade Agreement (the FTA, known in Colombia as the Tratado de Libre Comercio, or TLC). Other finance issues will also be covered such as microcredit and fair trade. I will also try to feature specific Colombian businesses, including those with activities outside of Colombia such as Bancolombia and Grupo Argos, the Medellin cement company with extensive operations in Mexico and the US. This area will collect, organize, and identify useful links to American and Colombian government agencies, business and finance media, and other sources on doing business in Colombia.


Private Equity (Fondos de Capital Privado).

The purpose of this section is to feature the work of various private equity funds that have been formed to acquire, grow, and sell businesses in Colombia. This section will also help disseminate information about legal strictures, dispute resolution issues, and specific transactions that learn about. Contributors will be invited to supply information, for example FCPs will be welcome to post information and links to their transactions, portfolio companies, managers, investors, and other information.


Legal Issues and Developments

I am particularly hopeful that this will be a forum to share information about the operation of the Colombian commercial legal system in connection with international investment. It will try to feature Colombian lawyers and law firms available to help international investors, and American firms like my own that are interested in transactions having to do with Colombia. Firms and attorneys will be invited to identify topics of discussion and to post information and links to their activity.


What About Drugs and Violence?

At one time, virtually every headline in English one could find about Colombia concerned drugs or violence. This site is not going to attempt to provide insights or reporting on these subjects, because they continue to be well-covered in other forums.


Will There Be Spanish Language Content?

Of course! When it comes to Colombia, there will have to be some Spanish language content, but don’t worry, my goal is to provide access in English too.


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