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360-degree Views of Medellin

March 29, 2009

Okay, so it is neither law nor business, but you have to admit these are pretty nifty.

Library of Spain

Library of Spain is celebrating the 50th Annual IADB meetings in Medellin this weekend with numerous panoramic shots at each of several beautiful sites in Medellin. The Metro is featured (especially the sensational Metrocable, a public aerial cablecar system part of the public transit), but the real winners are, in CLBB’s humble opinion, the library parks, or parques bibliotecas, of which there are several.

The best known (deservedly so) is the Library of Spain, or Biblioteca de Espana, high above northern Medellin in the barrio of Santo Domingo Savio. Once the very epicenter of murder and violence, it is a triumph of modern architecture by Giancarlo Mazzanti, from Barranquilla, a jewel high above the valley, at the top of the Metrocable. With apologies to Woody Allen’s “Bullets over Broadway,” this place represents the triumph of “books over bullets.” (Keep watching this psace for news of an important visitor to the library from a major NY cultural institution.)

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